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  • What is Thomas Angus Ranch?
    Thomas Angus Ranch is a purebred Angus cattle seedstock ranch in Baker City, Oregon. This means all of our cattle are 100% Angus animals and their offspring are sold for their genetics instead of their meat.
  • How did we start?
    Thomas Angus Ranch was settled in 1950 when Bob & Gloria Thomas moved to Baker City, Oregon and decided to raise Angus cattle. Ever since then, our annual Baker bull and female sales have been hosted at the original property that they settled on!
  • How can I get in contact?
    There are many wasy that you can get in contact with us, and they are all listed at the bottom of our website!
  • What do you sell?
    We offer bulls, females and pairs as well as bull semen. You can purchase our bull semen by going to our 'Sire Directory' in our 'Sale Ring' tab at the top of the page. You can also find our private treaty offerings and our upcoming sales in that tab as well.
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