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Thank You - From The Bottom Of Our Heart!

A large thank you is in order! Thank you to all who helped make this past October Bull & Female sale a giant success – which includes all of the staff who helped put it on, and of all the customers who we are blessed to call friends, family, colleagues, and partners.

We cannot express how grateful we are for the unwavering support that was shown at our October 15th sale. Thank you, not only for the financial support that was offered in the sale but also for the friendship and conversations that were shared in the days leading up to and following the sale.

We Love You Kris ♥

This year's October sale was one for the books but it came with a sense of emptiness. Recently, our family suffered a great loss. Kris Barr - a sister of Rob Thomas and the daughter of our ranches founders, Bob and Gloria Thomas, had lost her battle with breast cancer after fighting the past few years.

Kris left a lasting impact on so many who had the blessing of meeting her over the years. She was the most patient, loving, and selfless person that we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. We greatly missed Kris being at our sale, as she had for every sale leading up to this one, but we know she was looking down on us with a smile and her tender eyes.

This sale season was one of many unknowns, which made it difficult to know what would happen on sale day and some nerves began to show sale morning. But as we pulled up to the sale site, all the nerves began to subside.

We saw the cooks putting together breakfast in their chuckwagon, our crew beginning the early morning cattle-sorts, and customers perusing the lots of cattle as they entered their pens.

It is impossible to recreate the feeling of those sale mornings, the smell of pancakes and steaks cooking on griddles, the brisk October morning air on your face, and listening to the new stories that our customers recite.

It was great to be back at our sale barn, doing what we love, surrounded by amazing people - it was time to accept that whatever happens, happens and that is all in God's hands now.

As the sale was about to begin, we all joined in on a quick prayer, Rob Thomas gave a quick speak welcoming all who had “taken the time to see us this morning and we hope you leave with what you came for!” And then, like clockwork, the auction began.

Four hours later, with a gross of $1,157,250, a bull average of $6,300, and a female average of $2,650 - we joined in on a celebration with all who had joined us for the sale. We spent another few hours catching up and then began the dinner - full of steaks and potatoes, the obvious choice for any cattleman or cattlewoman!

The day was a blur of excitement, humbling moments, and thankfulness for all of our friends, family, colleagues, and partners. And this is why a big thank you is in order for all who have supported our genetic program - thank you for the unwavering support and for making it possible for us to do what we love!

This is not the end, however, there are many more sales coming up that we would love to see this same support at. We have one sale in January in Wyoming and two sales in March in both Oregon and Idaho! These sales are going to be power-packed just like this Oregon sale. We look forward to seeing you there!

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As always, please reach out to us anytime by emailing us at or texting us at (541)-576-8830! Sincerely, The Thomas Angus Ranch Team

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