The bulls, the cattle buyers, and the sale day.

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

If you are new to Thomas Angus Ranch - thank you for stopping by and seeing what we are up to! We are a purebred Angus seedstock ranch based in eastern Oregon. Our ranch is and has always been a family-owned operation that has become known for growing high-performance Angus cattle for over 70 years. More than 45 years ago, we hosted our first cattle auction at our original property that we now refer to as 'the home ranch.'

Our original sale started us down the path of hosting our own annual sales - at first, we had a sale once a year, then twice a year, and now - five sales a year. We host our own in-person and online combination sales for many reasons, but a key part of why we have the in-person portion are the customers. Our interaction with them, their stories, and their friendship is what makes the agriculture industry so unique and rewarding. We focus many of our resources on building and maintaining relationships with our customers. But why?

In many ways, we are still an old fashioned business - we enjoy face-to-face meetings with our Thomas Angus Ranch customers, we like to hear about their experiences with our genetic program, and we like to take time to help them find the cattle that are most suitable for their operation. We are where we are today because of those cattlemen and cattlewomen who chose to trust us and our Angus genetics. Yet, the hard work isn't over - we want to make sure we are continuing to build trust with all of our new and old customers each day moving forward.

Ranches today have the ability to have thier sales completely online, and while we have been working towards building our online presence, we still believe in the value of seeing other ranchers in person. The major goal of our in-person livestock sales is threefold - to get more time with these great ranchers from across the US, to help foster the communication between cattle breeders, and to maintain the friendship with our Angus genetic customers. Not a sale goes by that we don't meet someone new or learn something valuable - this is why we love our beef cattle industry.

When we spend time with our cattle breeder customers, we get an opportunity to understand their herds needs better than most ever do. We become part of their program and we are offered the humbling opportunity to work with them to improve their herds' productivity and profitability. This has happened countless times over the past 70 years and it truly never gets old visiting a ranch you have worked with for years and seeing the great quality of their calf crop.

We will never put an end to our in-person cattle auctions - because they offer us the opportunity to know our customers better, to ensure the agriculture industry continues to stay connected, and it allows us to learn how we can better serve the Angus cattle industry. So don't worry, our cattle sales aren't ending, in fact, we have been increasing the number of cattle sales we have each year and, who knows, we may even have a sale in your area sometime soon!

A sale is not just a sale at Thomas Angus Ranch, it is an opportunity for growth.

We want to invite you to our upcoming Fall California Bull Sale that will be held in Galt, California at Cattlemen's Livestock Market! See the link below for more details, to RSVP, and to share the event on your social media! If you RSVP, you will be the first to get notified of the catalog release, livestock sale videos, and updates about the event. We look forward to hearing from you!

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